ok, I must be missing something obvious or had something go wrong with my install of KDE4.3 using the 11.1 factory repo.

KDE4.3 seems to be working great, no apparent issues or problems so far except one... I don't see where to change the theme.

Personal Settings->General->Appearance->Style has widget styles but no themes. None of the sections under Appearance have anything to do with changing themes.

Right-clicking the desktop gives a context menu with choices to add widgets or panels, but has no choice for Desktop Settings like KDE4.1 did.

Personal Settings->General->Desktop has sections for Effects and Screen Saver, etc. but nothing at all for themes.

Personal Settings->Advanced->Desktop Theme Details allows customizing themes and downloading/installing new themes, but has no way to choose the current active theme.

How do I change/set the currently active desktop theme in KDE4.3?