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Thread: Upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11

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    Default Upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11

    I'm looking for instructions to help me upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11. I would think I might find some very detailed steps on Novell's website but I have not.

    Does anyone know of "best-practice" articles that might help?



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    Default Re: Upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11

    Hi Todd,

    you have posted in the openSUSE forum <>..

    which you are welcome to do, and here you MIGHT get some really good
    help....but i would suggest that since most (not all, just most) folks
    here have never seen a SLES/D you might find better (more competent
    and experienced) help in the forums of the maker <>

    i'd help you myself, if i could but i've never seen an SLE-anything
    installed/running/etc...this is mostly a forum of volunteers helping
    noobs break out of Redmond-Jail in the OPEN (free) version of SUSE
    (currently 11.1) which eventually gets most bugs hammered out and THEN
    released as a numbered SLEx

    besides, you purchased the server software and Novell is obligated to
    help you, right?


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    Default Re: Upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11


    I wasn't aware that there was both a 'free opensuse' and the paid product through Novell. Very confusing, I thought they were the exact same products.


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    Default Re: Upgrade from SLES9 to SLES11

    SLES is normally supported for five years whereas openSUSE only for two; so you are coming up to the time to 'upgrade.'

    Depending on what you are using SLES for, if you haven't got a support contract, you may well find it worthwhile to review your options. Do you really need support and, if not, would openSUSE be a viable alternative?

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