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    Default Useful search?

    Is there a more useful search facility somewhere other than the simple field with no options at

    For example: I'm looking for packages for ruby gtk packages. I type in "ruby" and get back 89 packages of results. That is not helpful. I type in gtk and I get back 152 pages of results. That is not helpful. I type in "ruby gtk" and get back 0 pages of results. That is not helpful. What I want is to search for packages who's names contain both "ruby" and "gtk" but there is no apparent way to do that.

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    To answer your question, I don't think that's supported by the search function on that page. But I've wondered the same thing myself.

    Sometimes you have to wade through several pages to get what you actually want. If nothing else, if that page would let you do a second "search within these results," that would help.

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