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Thread: USB printer problem

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    Default USB printer problem


    I want to connect two OKI B410d USB printers to a PC running SUSE 11.0 and CUPS.
    I install (using either YaST or CUPS administration) and get the following in the /etc/cups/printers.conf file:

    <Printer A>
    DeviceURI usb://OKI%20DATA%20CORP/B410
    <Printer B>
    DeviceURI usb://OKI%20DATA%20CORP/B410

    After installation all print is sent to the same printer, regardless of which of printers A or B is used (probably no big surprise with identical URIs).

    Does anybody know how I can obtain unique URIs for the printers A and B?


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    Default Re: USB printer problem

    It should be possible to differentiate the two identical-model printers via a custom udev rule.

    If you type 'lshal -m' you can monitor the output as they are plugged in. This may yield something like:

    11:25:06.910: usb_device_4b8_83f_B03240801260709018 added
    11:25:07.115: usb_device_4b8_83f_B03240801260709018_if0 added
    11:25:07.221: usb_device_4b8_83f_B03240801260709018_if1 added
    11:25:09.476: usb_device_4b8_83f_B03240801260709018_if1_printer_noserial added
    You can see the product ID, vendor ID, and unique serial no. This last attribute can be used to name the printer uniquely.

    Have a read of this:

    Writing udev rules

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