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    Yesterday, my server came offline because some idiot pulled out the power cord. When I came home I saw that it froze during boot.

    Inserting the OpenSuse 11 DVD left me with a note that the web, mail and database servers had been trashed. I wasn't able to reinstall them since it couldn't find the site.

    So now, I need to pull out the data from the email, database ( MySQL ) and subversion servers. I have tried booting on Knoppix in order to copy it to an external disk. However, it is not able to copy all..

    Any way of bypassing the daemon start ups / having the system prompt for each daemon during boot?

    Any ideas?

    Please help.

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    Have you tried TestDisk ? thats what i use for data recovery

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    Nope.. Not yet.. Went straight to Knoppix.. Will try it when I get home..


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    Nope.. Didn't work

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    Reinstalled the server. Managed to recover most data except for the emails.

    However, I got encountered another ( severe ) problem : the telnet ( client ) command is unavailable as described in another thread here.

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