I got involved with a project that requires frequent changes of the CD in my
machines. The CD's are all audio and the issue crops up in both machines.
They use different brands of DVD-RW drives but the issue is common to both.

The scenario that seems to be problematic is that after several quick
changes of the cdrom I will eventually hit the tray and it will close
empty. Most of the time I can hit the button on the front and it re-opens
but with annoying regularity there is nothing I can do short of a reboot to
get that blasted drive open - it just sits there with no sign of activity.
I have yet to see this with a disc in the drive. It also has not yet
happened if I programatically eject the disc, only when I manually open the
tray (I know - if it hurts DON'T DO THAT!). After a reboot all is well
until I close on an empty tray again. Both machine do this. Both run
11.1. One is an AMD-64x2 running the 64-bit kernel, the other is an old
dog running the 32-bit default uni kernel.

One clue: I noted that if I opened a VirtualBox session while it was hung
up, VB complained that the reset line was unavailable. If I power the
drive down (pull the power) VB gets over its' problem but the drive is
still not available to OS.

Is there any way to do a forced reset of the io system such that the drive
is released? Any other workaround for this issue?

Will Honea