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Thread: k3b resets device mode

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    Default k3b resets device mode

    not seen this one before. 11.1 new install. k3b resets mode of /dev/sr0 to 550 and then complains it does not have a writer. i change it to 777 and restart k3b and it runs. at exit, sr0 is still 777. restart k3b a second time, sr0 back to 500. what gives??

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    Default Re: k3b resets device mode

    Make sure you are updated.
    Is this the openSUSE version, the Packman version or the kde3 build service version, or even the kde4 version?

    Remove the hidden configs, you'll have to hunt them down.
    Install Packman k3b and codecs
    I use k3b from packman but also have the kde4 version from Factory kde4.3, no issues.
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    it's the default 11.1 version. about shows:
    k3b 1.0.5, kde 3.5.10 r2.11 opensuse.

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