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    Quote Originally Posted by hank_se View Post
    Hi consused! long time seen!
    I think you're overcomplicating the use of a local repo! I did too until I discovered how easy it really is...
    Hi there Hank. Haven't seen you either. Since VBox has worked smoothly, I spent the extra time following 11.2 milestones. How about about you?? For me it's been interesting to experience phase changes of the development cycle (as a non-dev myself). The 11.1 VBox releases have worked ootb on 11.2 and no mods so far on my few devices. I know you posted about the changes to 11.2 around M1. @upscope's been posting on 11.2, but don't know if he fiinally sorted out that all-in-one problem.

    Thanks for the tips. It was pretty easy anyway, and that will make it even more so. The explanations will be a lot shorter for posting. I do use version selection when sorting out Factory downloads for 11.2. I will give it a test, as I generally retain the previous version.
    Btw, aren't You too a little impressed over the lack of questions about usb and virtualbox? We really ironed that one out!
    Indeed I am. I was thinking that only a couple of weeks back. We certainly ironed it, back and front.

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    Also had the "Effective UID is not root" problem today after installing Virtual box 2 from openSUSE_BuildService_-_Virtualisation_(VirtualBox)

    So I uninstalled it, went to the VirtualBox web site and downloaded the suse 11.1 64-bit rpm.
    I installed it with rpm -ivh, it asked for a dependance: pam-devel. Installed pam-devel with yast then installed vbox3 with rpm -ivh and now everything's fine.

    I'm surprised Vbox3 retained all my preferences from vbox2 without a hitch!
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