There's some recent update that's hostile to my 11.0 install. I have an enterprise-level server that dual boots Win2k3Server and openSuSE 11.0 (both x64). All was going swimmingly for over a year, then the most recent update resulted in GRUB hard-crashing and restarting the system whenever I tried to boot SuSE.

I just finished reinstalling 11.0, and all was perfect until I did the online update - now I get GRUB error 17. Maybe it's misdetecting the drives after the update?

sda swap and scratch Adaptec RAID0
sdb Linux & Win 500GB drive
sdc (not used) 500GB driveIt turns out that it was
sdd scratch 250GB drive

I'm in the process of reinstalling right now, but obviously I cannot afford to update until I get this resolved.
UPDATE: I can't tell from the installer where exactly it's putting the boot loader - only the "Boot from MBR" is checked, but does that mean sda? It seems like it would be better to boot from sdb, but I don't really know how to do that - that is, I don't understand the /boot directory and its relationship to the MBR - I think they're distinct boot mechanisms, but there's no option in the installer to boot from the MBR of different drives


EDIT: I should have said
sdb1 = win
sdb2 = swap
sdb3 = /
sdb4 = /home
... I checked "Boot from MBR" and "custom boot partition on sdb3" - - - I hope this works. The installer appears to have been installing the boot loader (by default) to the MBR of the RAID0.

EDIT2: OK, I had to uncheck the "Boot from MBR" to make it stop trying to MBR the sda RAID0 drive.... (odd)