Hi All,

I am running openSUSE 11.1. I installed the Hypervisor and tools and booted into:

I'm trying to install Ubuntu LTS 8.04.3 as a guest using the "Create a Virtual Machine" GUI/wizard.

I specify "other" since no Debian-based distro is offered under "Type of Operating System". Under "Installation Source" for "Operating System Installation" I Add a Virtual Disk of "phy:/dev/sr0" using protocol "phy". It can obviously read the drive since it recognizes that it is 0.6 GB (the media contains a burned & bootable (from ISO) DVD - the files are extracted).

However, when I proceed I am thrown an Error:

"The installation source is unusable." with Details:

"0.6 GB CD-ROM or DVD (phy:/dev/sr0)"

Am I supposed to do something different?

Thanks in advance!