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Thread: How to make a dual boot with my Lenovo r61i for xp and suse

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    Default How to make a dual boot with my Lenovo r61i for xp and suse

    Hi there future Linux family,

    I am the epitome of feeling left behind when it comes to this Linux world. I am truly am not as intelligent as many of you are when it comes to code or practically anything techy.

    I do however want to change this because I am so unbelievably over my being stuck in this often crashing windows hell.

    If any of you have any advice on this matter I will be extremely appreciative.

    I have a 32 bit Lenovo r61i. My Lenovo comes with a pre-installed partition which allows me to reinstall my xp os if it need be. It's been about 5 times now...

    I do love this computer though

    Anyways, I realize that there is advice on this forum with how to install a dual boot system but I run into a very specific problem.

    I don't want to remove my xp completely because of obvious job requirements (for the time being), my knowledge stage of linux, and because of my iphone capabilities.

    I run a very bare bones xp system with office and a couple other programs. I really want to get into this Linux universe and I did not have a great deal of tech training growing up.

    If anyone has actually accomplished this dual boot system which actually sees all the hardware (like the thinkpad red pointer button, and the wifi card) I would love to know how you came about that process.

    Many people say that suse 11.1 can actually figure this stuff out for you but mine gets into an issue with my boot loader... "boot loader?" there are so many choices with this area of the installation. I don't want to lose my thinkvantage function until I become so confident with linux that I can say good bye to windows once and for all.

    Thank you so much and hopefully this process is easier than I'm making it out to be.

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    Default Re: How to make a dual boot with my Lenovo r61i for xp and s

    It seems I'm getting a few views but no one really knows exactly how to solve my conundrum. Maybe some of you know where I might be able to look?

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