Hi there.Sometimes it happens, that when I install some application, game or something else via yast, that I can't find it anywhere in the main menu afterwards, so the only way to run it is from konsole. However even from there you must know the name of the executable file, which runs the application. I did for instance install the game extreme-tuxracer,and as I already mentioned, it didn't appear in the menu. So I went to konsole.
rpm -qa *racer*
to find the package recently installed. And
rpm -ql extreme-tuxracer
to get the new installed files, however I didn't find the way to grep these files such a way to get only executables. I know there is command
find / -executable
which shows all executables files, depending on the directory you select, but still there is no way (or I don't know it ) to combine these two command to get only executable files of a certain package. Ok, in my case I did find it via google (it's etracer) but maybe it would be interesting also for others to know if there is some general principle that solves cases like this. Any suggestion much appreciated, thanks.