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Thread: Problem with Local FTP Install on 11.1

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    Smile Problem with Local FTP Install on 11.1

    I have tried everything that I know to resolve this problem but nothing has seemed to work. Heres what I've done.

    Downloaded the SUSE 11.1 DVD and checked the checksome.

    Then I burned the DVD with data verification (nero).

    I then put the DVD into the FTP server and copied all the files on it to a folder called installs/SUSE111DVD.

    I Downloaded the SUSE 11.1 Network CD.

    Burned the CD with data verification.

    Booted off the CD and selected installation.

    Selected the source as FTP
    Servername: FTP1
    Directory : installs/SUSE111DVD

    it does it's thing and after it loads 3 of the 6 files it throws up an error.

    On the Top of the screen is "Linuxrc v3.3.22 (Kernel <<<"

    The error is as follows:
    "FTP://FTP1/installs/SUSE111DVD/boot/i386/branding: SHA1 sum wrong.

    If you really trust your repository, you may continue in an insecure mode."

    I hit "OK" and it throws up an other error as follows :
    "Could not find the open SUSE Repository.
    Activating manual setup program."

    I hit "OK" and it takes me to the text base install.

    Facts about my setup.
    FTP server is a brand new install of Windows Server 2003 (I know) with the FTP site configured for anonymous access with Read write permission.

    The Client is a DELL Dimension 2100 and 2200.

    the client and server are sitting right next to each other with a gigabit switch.

    So my question is what am I doing wrong? i've been searching like crazy on how to do a network install, but it seems that's not what this is called....anyways I have also redownloaded the DVD twice (and it takes a long time going at 50Kps) I have also reburnt the DVD and even mounted the ISO and copied the files straigt from the ISO to the FTP server.

    Thanks in advance for your help and i hope i posted in the right place,


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    Default Re: Problem with Local FTP Install on 11.1

    You may find some helpful info here
    HOWTOs - openSUSE
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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    Default Re: Problem with Local FTP Install on 11.1

    Your Windows FTP server may be mucking up the files during the copying or during the serving (changing bytes in binary files, thinking they are text, or such behaviour).

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