I have tried everything that I know to resolve this problem but nothing has seemed to work. Heres what I've done.

Downloaded the SUSE 11.1 DVD and checked the checksome.

Then I burned the DVD with data verification (nero).

I then put the DVD into the FTP server and copied all the files on it to a folder called installs/SUSE111DVD.

I Downloaded the SUSE 11.1 Network CD.

Burned the CD with data verification.

Booted off the CD and selected installation.

Selected the source as FTP
Servername: FTP1
Directory : installs/SUSE111DVD

it does it's thing and after it loads 3 of the 6 files it throws up an error.

On the Top of the screen is "Linuxrc v3.3.22 (Kernel <<<"

The error is as follows:
"FTP://FTP1/installs/SUSE111DVD/boot/i386/branding: SHA1 sum wrong.

If you really trust your repository, you may continue in an insecure mode."

I hit "OK" and it throws up an other error as follows :
"Could not find the open SUSE Repository.
Activating manual setup program."

I hit "OK" and it takes me to the text base install.

Facts about my setup.
FTP server is a brand new install of Windows Server 2003 (I know) with the FTP site configured for anonymous access with Read write permission.

The Client is a DELL Dimension 2100 and 2200.

the client and server are sitting right next to each other with a gigabit switch.

So my question is what am I doing wrong? i've been searching like crazy on how to do a network install, but it seems that's not what this is called....anyways I have also redownloaded the DVD twice (and it takes a long time going at 50Kps) I have also reburnt the DVD and even mounted the ISO and copied the files straigt from the ISO to the FTP server.

Thanks in advance for your help and i hope i posted in the right place,