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Thread: Suse 11.1 Security lockdown recepy

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    Smile Suse 11.1 Security lockdown recepy

    Hello All,
    I am looking for a
    - "security overview"
    - "lockdown checklist"
    - "best practices"
    - "performance tweaking list"
    so that i am able to seal my linux box airtight :-)

    A list like:
    - Which (system) files should have which (least) permissions
    - Which (default) services do i not need
    - How can i minimize the stuff running on my desktop so that i get maximum performance out of it.

    After switching from Suse 10.3 to 11.1 on the same machine it has become slower.
    So now i try to find out what (extra suse 11.1) stuff i can remove to still hold the same functionality as i had before

    Regards, Ronald

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    Default Re: Suse 11.1 Security lockdown recepy

    Unless you have very specific needs, you should not need to change the default security.

    Go to YaST>System>System services to review what services are running which you don't need.

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