I have been using Ubuntu/Kubuntu for about 1 1/2 years and have decided to give openSUSE a go. I burned an 11.2 Live CD and installed. Installation went fine, grub worked fine. I as able to find my Wifi and so far have only instlled APT which added some repo's to my sources.list. I want to add Synaptic, maybe as a cruch until I get used to YaST. I cannot find it anywhere. I think my sources.list needs much more added to it. Where can I find a comprehensive listing of repo's to add. I want to upgrade to KDE4.3 and have the latest OO, codecs, kaffeine, google earth, frostwire and Firefox. I am familiar with using .deb files but Yast handled the RPM's for me. I was a bit scared to try something new i guess. I am running a Dell E1505 I wou ld love to have my on screen volume level back. I got it with Kubuntu, can I have it here also? Sorry for being so wordy, I guess I am a bit excited to dive into a new distro. Reminds me of playing with DOS.