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Thread: suse enterprise 11 + novell client + thin clients

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    Default suse enterprise 11 + novell client + thin clients

    In our school district the high school is a Novell shop. We set up a thin client computer lab with clients from DevonIT. The original plan was to use Windows Terminal Services in the lab and have the students log into the Novell client to save to their network drives, but there seems to be some incompatibility, and it isn't working correctly.

    So, plan B is it set up Suse Enterprise 11, install the Novell Client, and connect to the the server from the clients with XDMCP, FreeNX, or LTSP. Does anybody have any wisdom on this? Will this work? The clients have a proprietary linux system on them called DeTos, which allows connection to a server from many protocols. XDMCP and NoMachine are two of them. I don't know how I would do LTSP because that would involve installing something other than DeTos on the client, and it only has a small bit of flash memory. Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: suse enterprise 11 + novell client + thin clients

    If you are using Enterprise you should be able to get help direct from Novell. This form deals for the most part with the OpenSuse version, though there maybe someone lurking that may have some Enterprise experience.

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    Default Re: suse enterprise 11 + novell client + thin clients


    you may get a good answer here, and you are certainly welcome to hang
    around to find out...

    but, almost all of us here are using openSUSE which is the precursor
    to the enterprise edition provided and supported by Novell..

    we squash the bugs in openSUSE code and every once in a while Novell
    takes our code base, further refines it and releases it as SUSE Linux
    Enterprise Server or Desktop (SLES/SLED)..

    the forums for both of those products is over at and
    you should get a faster and probably more reliable answer over there..

    never seen SLEx running, ever...

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