I have set up, 1,5 year ago, for a retired old lady a laptop with
openSUSE 10.3/KDE for simple mailing, browsing, music listening and
handling family photo collection.

I visited here this weekend and asked her if everything went well with
her laptop. She answered that she had no problems except a small
problem with Kontact-KMail for some time.

If she send out a message, she can see that message passing through the
outbox but the message is not saved anylonger in the Sent-Mail box,
while the addressees have received the message involved.

I have investigated the situation, can see a message send to me and
herself passing through the outbox. The message involved arrived in my
and her inbox, so are actually send. I have checked the KMail settings
but that looks oke.

Googling the problem suggested to close the Kontact-KMail application,
delete the index files (for Sent-Mail only) and start up the
Kontact-KMail application. No improvement noticed.

Any idea what the problem can be?
Regards / Groeten,