Hi! I am running Firefox 3.5, on Linux with KDE.

When I drag the favicon from the location bar to the KDE desktop a text file is created. I want a url link.

I'm also running XP and FF 3.5. If I drag the favicon from the location bar to the Windows desktop, it is created correctly. I've done a great amount of googling but have not found a solution. Drag-n-Drop seems to work for some people, and doesn't for others. I'm not sure, it might be working for Gnome desktops.

I've used an addon in the past to circumvent this problem and get a solution. It provided a right-click to the context menu. That fine, but it would be nice to figure it out and not use another addon if I don't have to. Do I need to add a mimetype in firefox (Menu > Edit > Preferences > Applications? If so, what would it be? Or, do I need to set something in the KDE environment?

When I drag-n-drop the favicon on the desktop, a dialog comes up with the title KDesktop. How do I tell KDesktop it's a url and not a text file?

Thanks much!