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    I setup a daily automatic backup via YaST. At the given time, nothing happens. What did I do wrong? It's kinda strange that I need to type in the archive file manually cause the file browser requires an already existing archive file, which just doesn't exit for a new backup profile. I specified a different very large disk as archive tmp folder. Manual backup worked fine, just the automatic one doesn't run. I'd appreciate any help.



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    post your crontab entry

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    For some reason it worked now the day after. Sry for the noise then, but now having a backup archive, I realize it's just a plain system and packages backup. How do I set up to archive a specific folder and all its contents automatically? When I try to restore my archive with YaST, it doesn't list any archive contents but is exactly as big as my root partition.



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    install unison from YaST, the perfect backup system (for me)

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