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Thread: Compiz and Nvidia

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    Talking Compiz and Nvidia

    For those like me that did not want to use compiz on you nvidia machine because of the problems like windows screens not updating until you click or moved them, should be happy now. I know I sure am

    I can finally go back to compiz again after spending months in Kwin untill nvidia cared to look at the problem faced by so many users.

    I know may be a little late (or alot late ) to be saying this, but for those who forgot to check the new 185.18.14 nvidia drivers seemed to do the trick.
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    Default Re: Compiz and Nvidia

    Compiz with kwin works just fine for me. I don't get the emerald stuff, but I really don't need it. All the effects are there and it extremely responsive. I'm refering to my laptop spec.
    My box, uses F10. kde4 though with kwin and nvidia, equally excellent.
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