I'm using opensuse 11.1 and KDE 4.3 RC with firefox 3.5 (although I think it's important to note that this problem occurred on stable KDE 4, and all versions of firefox I've used.)

Firefox associates the wrong programs with the wrong filetypes, and it's very frustrating. For example: "png" files open with arora (a web browser) rather than gwenview, "torrent" files open with transmission (ugh...) instead of ktorrent, and "zip" files open with WINE (... WTF??) instead of ark.

Firefox doesn't even always remember to use the correct apps when I choose to open files rather than save them, so while not a major inconvenience, it's quite bothersome to navigate the dropdown menu for "ark" when i just want quick-access to a zip file's contents. Also, opening files from the firefox download manager is an impossible task... Anyone else encounter this and have a fix?