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Thread: GNOME upgrade problems..

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    Default GNOME upgrade problems..

    I have upgraded openSUSE 11.1 with GNOME 2.26 folowing these instructions GNOME/2.26 - openSUSE but after upgrade i am facing to various issues..

    1./ I cannot access GDM. When i log off, screen is flashing and then i am back on my desktop with this error Imageshack - obrazovka

    2./ I have both old nautilus cd burner and new brasero simle CD/DVD creator and both buttons write to disc on that folder. Removing old nautilus cd burner removes also F-Spot

    3./ Compiz has blank window decoration withou buttons, but metacity is OK. Upgrade to Gnome 2.26 observations - openSUSE Forums

    4./ keyoard layout is always changed to different in panel KB applet after reboot or log off atempt..

    Question is if its even worth trying to fixing it, or its simply ********** up and only reinstall with defaul GNOME 2.24 will help..

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    Default Re: GNOME upgrade problems..

    I also have bad experience in upgrading gnome version in distro
    I have trying in opensuse 11.0(2.22>2.24) and 11.1(2.24>2.26)
    in both cases i repair my system with fresh install after that.
    this was quick enough

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    Default Re: GNOME upgrade problems..

    i've had problems with gnome 2.26 when i installed it lost my graphics drivers even thought it still loaded fglrx lost all windows borders in kde and gnome so i uninstalled 2.26 went back to 2.24 still same problem and reloading grahics drivers never helped so i had to do a reload and wont go back to 2.26

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