I've a problem with openSUSE 11.1 (freshly installed and updated). I want "WIN" key to be "META" key (modifier), but it somehow assigned by default to run "K Menu" applet. I cannot assign anything else to WIN + smth combination, it always runs K-Menu.

I was trying to find where I could disable it, but failed. Of course I checked "Keyboard Shortcuts" in KDE settings, but there I have only Alt+1 for "K Menu".

Searching the web, I've found many ways how to ENABLE it, but seemingly they all are different from the way used in 11.1.

It is really annoying, because on other KDE 3 machine with openSUSE 11.0 (updated from 10.3), I don't have such problem.

I like having a lot of different shotcuts with "WIN" key, so thay don't interfere with Ctrl and/or Alt key shortcuts. I don't want having WIN key solely devoted to "K-Menu"!!!