I've been using opensuse 11.1 with KDE 4.2 for quite some time, and recently moved to the "stable" 4.2 repository. Things have generally been smooth.

Today, when I logged in, I saw something strange: The applications I had open when I logged out, did not start automatically. I found that a little strange. Then I realized my desktop was partially borked in other ways; the most troublesome was, my multiple-keyboard-layout setting was gone. I couldn't switch to my second language, Hebrew.

So I opened the desktop settings; the list of languages was empty. I added Hebrew, and then I could switch languages. Thought I had things fixed. But not quite -- this set Hebrew as my main interface language. I want US-English, but it is nowhere to be found nor added.

I found that I can lower the priority of Hebrew -- the region/language dialog behaves as if I have two languages, Hebrew and (empty). This had no effect -- the interface is still Hebrew. I searched for a kde4-l10n-en_US package, but none is to be found.

In trying to research the problem, I found that I have both a .kde and a .kde4 folder, files like share/config/kdeglobals are recently updated in both, with different contents. I am a little at a loss.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.