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Thread: Amarok Never Closes Completely

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    Default Amarok Never Closes Completely

    Hello All

    Forgive me, I really don't know where to post bugs. This is not a big issue, I just wanted people to know about a small problem. Hopefully it can be fixed.

    Amarok version 1.4.10-26.2.1 doesn't close properly. Whenever you do a `ps' command after closing it, there is still an amarokapp binary in the list. The zombie amarok process is not taking any CPU so it is simply in a waiting state. Basically this is a memory leak issue. amarok does close, when I use the `kill' command. So the issue is manageable.

    I plan on upgrading to the latest amarok version. I assume this problem doesn't exist in the later versions. However, this 1.4.10 amarok version seems to be the default for the OpenSuse 11.1 install DVD. I think the community should know about these problems.

    Once I have the bug fixed, I will post my resolution.

    Take Care

    Computer information:
    Operating System: OpenSuse 11.1
    Linux Kernel:
    Note: Other sound issues forced me to remove pulse audio
    Motherboard: M3N78-VM
    Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Chipset
    Onboard Surround Sound
    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 940
    RAM: Kingston 2 x 2 GB DIMMS

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    Default Re: Amarok Never Closes Completely

    fyi, running 1.4.10 with suse 11.0 and it closes prefectly, nothing is left running.

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    Default Re: Amarok Never Closes Completely

    Running top in a terminal will show zombie processes.
    Is this amarok from Packman? Which of course it ought to be.
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    Default Re: Amarok Never Closes Completely

    It depends on how you close it - hitting the X in the upper right corner will only close the window, not exit. Ctl-Q or right clicking on the tray icon and selecting quit will make everything go away.

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