Hi Everyone,

I've spent the past few days searching online forums trying to find out if Evolution 2.26 supports connecting to an Exchange 2007 server using RPC over HTTPS. My companies Exchange server is configured so that this is the only way to connect to the server.

I have seen that people have been able to fiddle with settings to get the Evolution to work with Exchange 2007 but I have not come across anyone who has been able to get Evolution working with this specific configuration.

I am about to do a fresh install of OpenSuse 11.1, upgrade to Gnome 2.26 and then install the Exhange Mapi plugin for Evolution to see if I can get the connection working. My current install is having problems installing the Mapi plugin. This is all done on Virtual Machines so I am not concerned about doing fresh installs.

I appreciate any help you can provide.