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Thread: KOffice 2 with KDE 4.2

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    Question KOffice 2 with KDE 4.2


    Just a quick question, which repositories contain KOffice 2? I am using the KDE:/42/ repositories and I don't want to change to either the UNSTABLE:/ or Factory:/ repositories as I think they are less stable than the 42/ path, unfortunately these are the only two repositories being suggested by the openSUSE Software search page here

    Cheers for the help in advance...
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    Default Re: KOffice 2 with KDE 4.2

    I'm using Factory kde4 which provides currently beta 2 kde4.3 and koffice installed from these repo's too. It's as stable for me as 42' ever was - though I would hesitate to recommend you use these repo's as you seem to require a degree of certainty for stability. You can of course download an install manually. Not sure about dependancies though.
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