Can anyone tell me how I can write to a file on my Windows XP partition. It is an NTFS partition. I am, for example, using Open
Office and I open a file that I had made in MS Office, and make some changes. Then I want to save the changes. I am able to read, but I can't write.

I can r-click the file in Dolphin, and select Properties, then select the Permissins tab, but I can't change the permissions.

While I am on the subject, when I installed openSUSE, I got a username, but most of my windows files say they belong to the owner "root" and the group "users". Is "root" the main adminstrator? Do I log in to root by putting "root" for username? And how did "root" become a member of the "user" group. I don't recall being asked, during installation of the op sys, to make any groups.