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Thread: How many people have certification?

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    On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 10:36:02 +0000, Chrysantine wrote:

    > hendersj;2004716 Wrote:
    >> That makes sense. I somehow couldn't see you as a marketing person. <g>

    > Pfffft! I can be smooth as silk when I'm properly motivated to do so

    LOL! Thanks, I needed the laugh - been a rough week here. ;-)


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    Default Re: How many people have certification?

    On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 06:51:08 +0000, natural_pilot wrote:

    >> That's more what I was asking about. I like x-plane myself (runs on
    >> Linux for one thing), but I can see that if you've flown the real
    >> thing, a simulator program would never come close to the actual
    >> experience....

    > and, i've had that discussion (argument?) with some otherwise
    > intelligent folks: Is X-Plane/MS Flight Simulator/etc a 'Game' or a
    > 'Simulator'?

    I think it qualifies as both, to be honest. It's a game because it's a
    form of entertainment for many users, but it's a simulator as well
    because it is a simulation of something in the real world.

    When I was in college, I worked on a software simulation project (not for
    flight, but for ATC), and that's the distinguishing factor for a software
    simulator - that it models something in the real world with a high degree
    of mathematical accuracy.

    X-Plane itself is actually FAA certified for flight training as well -
    and can be connected up to hydraulic simulator hardware.

    MS Flight Simulator uses a different mathematical approach to the
    simulation of flight dynamics than X-Plane does. From what I've read,
    the tools in X-Plane can (and have) been used to fine-tune the
    performance characteristics of aircraft that have actually been designed
    and built. That's not something you would do with a game, but it is
    something you'd do with a simulator (fine-tuning an airfoil to optimize
    the airflow over the surface, for example).

    > most who have never been in a simulator are willing to fight to have it
    > their way, until the cows come home..
    > i remember loading x-plane (or some flying plane thingy) on some
    > previous system, and played with it maybe a half is not for
    > me...but, i absolutely love BZFLAG (a first person shooter, 3D tank
    > game)..
    > but, that makes sense since i've never been in tank...and yet can still
    > recognize it as a game, and not a sim..

    Well, very likely BZFLAG doesn't simulate all the characteristics of an
    actual tank with a high degree of accuracy. The ballistics simulation is
    probably somewhat realistic, but I'd wager there's not a way to connect
    up realistic tank controls to the system either. :-)


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