I am using Dolphin as my file manager in KDE4.

It mostly works fine, but when I plug in my USB disk it pops up a dialogue with option to Open or Do Nothing.

If I click Open, it opens up my Documents folder and displays an error at the bottom of invalid protocol. It works fine in KDE3.x using Konquerer.

I have tried going to systemsettings > Advanced > File Associations > Media > Removable Mounted and added a default application of Dolphin ( chosen from System > File Managers > Dolphin).

I can access the USB drive by then clicking on the Volume (vfat) to the left of the folders in Documents.

The window that pops up to autorun:

The error that is shown when it dumps down Documents

If I click on the vfat on the left it opens fine

It would be nice if clicking Open in the first dialogue goes straight to the window shown in my 3rd screenshot.