Ok heres the problem.

I had a 1TB Maxtor Shared Storage NAS drive that had a controller board problem. It stopped working. It had 2 500GB drives set up as a Raid 0 (I think) The raid partition spanned both drives.

The problem is that all my data is stuck on it.

I have managed to read the drives using Konqueror in Knoppix 5.0 and that was OK in that I could see the files, some files could not be copied - the important ones too Knoppix 6 does not work either.

I am a Linux newbie by the way.

In any other distro I can see the drives but not the raid partition contents. IN fact I cant even see the share folder that kinda held the

Any idea on how I can get to see the partition or get teh data off the drives?

Cheers n beers