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    i've installed wine version 1.1.23-2.1 through Yast=> Software management. i want to install the wine-doors but the only version listed is 0.1.3-1.1. when i select the wine-doors package, i get a warning "nothing provides orange needed by wine-doors-0.1.3-1.1.noarch. Conflict resolution: do not install wine-doors".

    the reason i want the wine-doors is to install my games and some software through a GUI.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: install wine-doors

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    Go here webpin

    Type in orange then use 1-click install for ver. 0.4

    Wine-doors will then install.

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    thank you very much. the webmin worked.
    there after i could install the wine-doors without any issues.

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    alternatively you could download it using the SynCE repository, which is what i used.

    Installation Guide:

    SynceInstallation/OpenSuse - SynCE Wiki

    For openSUSE 11.1 run the following command in terminal:

    zypper ar --repo ""

    (for any others check the page).

    After that open the YaST Control Center, load the Software Management, and accept the new GPG.

    Finally, search for orange and check that its there, if it is, search for wine-doors and try and install it, it should pick up the orange dependancy and should install successfully.


    Matthew Millar

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