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Thread: Kopete on KDE 3.5

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    Default Kopete on KDE 3.5

    I am using Suse 11.0 and KDE 3.5. I am using Kopete that came with it as I do not like Kopete from KDE4. I want to turn down the volume of the notifications as they over power everything else.

    I found one posting on the net that said to use kcontrol and Sound & Multimedia > System Notification and set the player settings. But that did nothing.

    I am using Alsamixer 1.0.20 and a Sound Blaster Live 24bit if that helps at all

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    Default Re: Kopete on KDE 3.5

    Probably in Control Center - Look for Notifications....(I'm kde4 so I can't look it up)
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    Default Re: Kopete on KDE 3.5

    kopete doesn't support notification volume adjustment,
    have to use kmix to turn the master volume down.

    have you heard about pidgin ?
    pidgin is an instant messenger just like kopete,
    and it has the support to control its notification audio volume.

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