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Thread: Evolution 2.26 on OpenSuse 11

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    Default Evolution 2.26 on OpenSuse 11


    I am searching for pre-compiled packages for evolution 2.26 for OpenSuse 11, since I want to connect to an exchange server (2007) at work. I saw evolution with the exchange MAPI plugin on Ubuntu today and was really impressed.

    I would prefer not updating to OpenSuSe 11.1 yet, since I am very happy with the way my system runs right now.

    Does anybody know were I can find the packages?

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    Default Re: Evolution 2.26 on OpenSuse 11

    I'm using 2.27 at the moment with this repo: Index of /repositories/GNOME:/Evolution:/STABLE:/2.24/openSUSE_11.1

    Also connecting to Exchange 2007 with the exchange MAPI plugin:

    edit - whoops. Didn't realize you were at 11.0 and want to stay there. I rolled forward *just* to get Exchange2007 connectivity. Was worth it.

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