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Thread: Nepomuk and Dolphin CPU Load

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    Default Nepomuk and Dolphin CPU Load

    I am running openSuSE 11.1 x86_64 on AMD system with 2 gigs memory and NVIDIA QuadroFX1300 graphics board. Running KDE 4.2 from Repositories. (not Factory 4.3)

    When I use Dolphin file manager and go in to a photo folder and turn on Preview it generates thumbnails fine (a little slow but that's another matter). When I drag a large number of files to KRename (large meaning more 300+), and perform the rename. My system PEGS at 100% CPU Load. When I go in to system monitor, Nepomukstorage services is at the top with 49% (probably one whole CPU), and Dolphin is next at 40% plus and dolphin becomes non responsive. I have to kill it. Nepomuk continues to peg at 49% even once Dolphin is dead, I have to log out and back on, it never stops on it's own.

    I have the latest updates installed according to the repositories. Anyone have similar or ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Nepomuk and Dolphin CPU Load

    Nothing like this happens for me. But then I can't say I'm trying to perform similar tasks and I have Nepomuk off.
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