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Thread: How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to KDE4.2.4?

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    Default How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to KDE4.2.4?

    I trashed my OpenSUSE that was running KDE4.2.4 and Compiz very fine! Messed up the upgrade of Kernel. So i reinstall the whole system from DVD.

    Now im up with KDE4.1 and i want to upgrade to latest Stable; 4.2.4
    I tried One-Click but it refuse to install because its missing kdebase4.2.4-runtime.
    If i search the repository it show all available application as 4.2.4 but kdebase4 only as 4.1.3

    So how to i get in kdebase4.2.4? I tought One-Click installation did install all necessary files and repositorys. I also manual added the Qt4.4 Repository since the web-page says KDE4.2 require Qt 4.4


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    Default Re: How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to KDE4.2.4?


    This how-to should get you all sorted out.

    KDE4.2.* (How To Add) Guide. - openSUSE Forums

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    Default Re: How to upgrade from KDE4.1 to KDE4.2.4?

    It is there the one click should work but I suspect update is a higher priority(Lower number) than 4.2. Remove the qt it is wrong I'm going to delete that I'm pretty sure I even saw Beineri say this and he should know

    11.1 & KDE 4.3 one-click - openSUSE Forums

    Try this..
    zypper mr -p 99 repo-update ; zypper dup
    Man first, have a try at Info, have a look at Wiki, if all that fails Scroogle!!!!!
    If I've helped click on the Rep button I don't know what it does but it sounds cool.

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