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Thread: RDPdesktop Full Control! From start to end

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    Default RDPdesktop Full Control! From start to end

    Hello people,

    Recently im running in some big problems; here is my situation:

    Im running rdpdesktop and when the session is killed by the user i want linux to shutdown without the user even knowing it was there!

    Does anyone know how to achieve this feature? Im a bit of a noob to linux and googling for this did not leed me in the good right direction!

    Big thanks in advance from Holland

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    Default Re: RDPdesktop Full Control! From start to end

    You could put an entry in the root crontab that runs a script every 5 minutes. The script could check whether two conditions are fulfilled and if they have then a root command to shutdown could be issued. The two conditions would be (1) rdesktop has been started and (b) rdesktop has subsequently been stopped.
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