Hello all,

Since I've been running 11.1, there's been something that has been slightly irritating that I'm wondering if there is any way of changing. I often install/uninstall a lot of software from the Yast Software manager, and every time an operation is finished, the software manager automatically exits. There are a lot of times, though, in which I would like to keep the software manager open after it finishes an install/uninstall.

In 11.0, after the software manager was done doing an operation, it would prompt the user as to whether he/she wanted to continue using the software manager or exit. I miss this prompt in 11.1. Is there any way I can restore it? I have looked all through the Yast options, and I have searched the forums and Google for an answer. I haven't been able to come up with anything though.

If it exists, I am probably looking in the wrong place; wouldn't be the first time.

Thank you,