I keep getting an error at the part of installation where it says something about installing repositories. It says something like a file could not be found because cd:/// something couldn't mount to some directory in /var. It then asks me to insert cd 1 and click ok.

I have only made it past that part on installation once and then later I had a similar error about not being able to mount the cd or dvd drive or something.

I am using an asus g50vt-x1 laptop and the disc drive is a combo dvd-rw/cd-rw. The OS is OpenSuse 11.1 (64). I am using an installation dvd. I checked the disc for errors and the utility said that no errors were found. I'm not sure if this is a disc drive problem or something else. I have never had any problems in Win Vista/Win 7 RC1 or Ubuntu during installs, although my disc drive has been kind of temperamental during my short time using Ubuntu.

Sorry that I can't be more specific than that. This is my first time using Linux and I got super annoyed that it wasn't working and just reinstalled ubuntu which didn't have any installation problems.

Please, any advice will be most appreciated.