Thanks to deano_ferrari for pointing out this solution and for his patience.

From this tutorial:

You can also use Konqueror as the default file manager in KDE 4. In KDE 4.2, open System Settings and go to the Default Applications module. You can select Konqueror or a range of other applications to use as the default file mananager. In KDE 4.1 and earlier, you have to use the File Associations module (in Advanced) and change the priority of the applications associated with the inode/directory file type so that your preferred file manager is on top.

You learn how to set Konqueror as your default file manager in KDE 4.1.

To find out what version of KDE you have go to YAST->Software Management->(under Filters) Patterns->Graphical Environments->KDE4 Base System(click)->(right pane)KDEBase4->(under Installed column read version number, such as 4.1.3-3.8.9)

This procedure for setting the default File Manager may work in other version of KDE, but the option eventually shows up in the right place in KDE 4.2, according to other users.