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>> Actually, i was talking about the multiple short threads for
>> mischlig's issue.

>i can only _guess_ you mean that he posted numerous times...maybe one
>post each for several problems?? i hadn't noticed..
>> I have no idea if you are even seeing them.

>hadn't noticed because i hadn't seen...but, on the other hand i seldom
>notice the name/id of posters....so, i might have 'answered' every
>question and not noticed they were all from the same individual..

Now that is a bad interface and uninspired reading. I could not help
noting the commonality, but that is me.
>now, at http://forums.opensuse.org/search.ph...nduser&u=28792 i
>see that "mischlig" has originated three threads, titled:
>-rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) <= 4.4.2-1
>-OpenSuse 10.2 + Postfix
>-OpenSuse 10.3
>and has made a total of 12 post to this forum, ever...
>and, still do not know what you were referring to...maybe you are the
>only one seeing "multiple short threads" or "thread fractioning"....

The way to find out is to try a free reader (knode is ok, seamonkey is
ok, thunderbird is ok and go look at a free newsserver aoie.org is ok
and Motzarella.org is ok) and look at the recent thread as Usenet sees
it. I doubt i could stand your web interface. I have seen so very
many that just unusable. Even google sucks, and it at least mostly
preserves threads.
>> But that is what is happening on the Usenet side. Try it (Usenet) you
>> might like it.

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