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Thread: Triple Boots Vista, Ubuntu, SuSE

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    Default Triple Boots Vista, Ubuntu, SuSE

    Hello, I want to triple boot SuSE on my system but don't want to remove Vista or Ubuntu because I need Vista for playing games and I don't want to remove Ubuntu yet. I've never done a triple boot before I want to know if anyone has an experience to give me some advice before I attempt it myself and break the system.

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    First backup your mbr, to do that issue a simple command:
    dd if=/dev/<device where mbr is stored> of=/<wherever><whatever file name> bs=446 count=1
    For example: dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/<user>/mbr_backup bs=446 count=1

    You could ask why 446 and not 512, first 446 bites are storing the bootloader, the rest up to 512 is your partitions table. If you need to back it up too then just write 512 instead of 446.

    openSUSE should easily set grub to have both Vista and Ubuntu in it.
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    Default Re: Triple Boots Vista, Ubuntu, SuSE

    Thanks for the help.

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