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Thread: Trying to update OpenOffice using YAST

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    Default Re: Trying to update OpenOffice using YAST

    JohnKS wrote:

    > Hi: I'm trying to update OpenOffice to the latest 3.1.06-1.2.x86_64.
    > Part of the update fails because of a dependency issue -
    > is needed and can't be found. I can't find it
    > either. Google didn't seem to know of its existence either. Is there a
    > solution to this or have I missed something simple? Thanks for any help.
    > I'm using OpenSUSE 11.1 64 bit. John

    It seems is under /factory repo, ICU package:

    So *do not* install from there, there must be an error in OOo packaging.
    Better contact package owner in Bugzilla (create a test solver case and
    attach the logs).



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    Default Re: Trying to update OpenOffice using YAST

    I hate you and your **** widescreen monitor...

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    don't worry... he didn't mean anything by it... he can't carry his around with him....
    <\pets 15-IN laptop>

    Quote Originally Posted by recraig2 View Post
    I work every day with OO 3.0 and never noticed a problem with rendering. It's beautiful on my widescreen LG monitor. It is crucial to my work and this meets the mustard for me.

    The outline levels is a LONG awaited for feature that has prevented many from switching from MS to OO.
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