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    Default Frequent troubles connecting to

    So I left a comment in the "forum comments/suggestions" board that included the following statement:

    3. The forums and the wiki seem to be more down than up. More than half of the times I try to connect to it, it won't load. I have subscribed to the openSUSE News feed, but I don't think it ever made mention of this problem, and I thought it was unusual for a website such as this one to have so much downtime. I don't run into problems like this with other websites, so it seems safe to assume that it really is or parts of it (especially the forums) that are down a lot.
    Someone suggested to open a thread about it here.

    natural_pilot gave me this response:
    i think this is more of a problem for you and your location and/or network has not been widely reported by others..

    (this is not a technical help forum so don't answer here! but: have you yet turned off IPv6? and/or have you done a traceroute? are you connecting from (say) a university/job site/country which may filter or block? are you on a shared connection which sometimes gets metered or jammed with traffic? [in other words: where ARE you, what kind of connection to the net do you have?]...and, yes i saw you said "I don't run into problems like this with other websites" and ask, are all those other web sites use the _same_ net routers? are any of the other web sites cached/mirrored nearer? etc? i suggest you post a help
    request in the network/internet forum..)
    To specify, I have mostly had these connection problems with the wiki and the forums, while I found that e.g. the download section would sometimes work when the rest didn't.

    1. IPv6 is turned off in my FF3.
    2. I don't know about traceroutes, so if someone explained what it is, I could do one.
    3. I do connect from campus occasionally, but I don't know that it blocks or filters anything, and I haven't noticed any difference in the availability of the website. And Germany has thankfully not yet started to block web content...
    4. The connection that I mostly use I only share with my wife's computer. The campus connection works very well most of the time.
    5. I have a pretty ordinary DSL 2000 flatrate connection.
    are all those other web sites use the _same_ net routers?
    I don't know. See 2.!
    7. Like many web users, I visit several dozen websites a day, and I usually don't run into problems, so I guess caching/mirroring can be excluded.

    Can anyone help me? :-)

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    Default Re: Frequent troubles connecting to

    Hey alvanx:

    >Can anyone help me?

    Not I. I know things are working fine on this end. What is happening
    between here and there I don't know.

    Kim (6/5/2009 11:20:55 AM Mountain)

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    natural_pilot NNTP User

    Default Re: Frequent troubles connecting to

    >> i suggest you post a help
    >> request in the network/internet forum..)

    this is not the networking forum...this is the "Forum Usage Support &
    Information " try one more time..
    this time to the correct forum *where* the *networking*gurus* hang
    out.. <> and, maybe
    someone there can/will help..

    > And Germany has thankfully not yet started to block web content...

    i live in Denmark and with the exception of momentary slowness i find
    almost no trouble in fast, sure connections (there were some
    previously mentioned problems, but that was months ago)..

    on the other hand i _do_ think we on this side of the Atlantic
    sometimes get slowed and/or rejected because of routine cron jobs
    running on the servers around midnight somewhere in the USA, which is
    _during_ our business day on this side of the pond..

    you might monitor your experience for a few days noting, when you have
    problems and when not....and, if you see a timing pattern you should
    include that in your post to the *networking* forum (as i don't see
    how they are gonna change routine server slowdown to accommodate work
    patterns here)..


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