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Thread: Problem packages on usb stick / Install

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    Unhappy Problem packages on usb stick / Install

    hi Guys,

    i have a problem with the installation of further rpm files. I am using Opensuse 11.1 Net Install. Installation was fine and everything works.

    Now i don`t have a DVD Rom on the pc, i just have an USB Stick with all the files on it.

    I would like to install some applications now, how do i get Yast to work with the files from the USB Stick. Because i don`t have access to the internet, where i have to install the pc.

    I could install it manual with the usb stick, but missing the dependencies then.

    Some one can help me?

    Kind Regards


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    Yast can use a repository from your local filesystem. If you put the whole repo on the stick then you can mount the USBstick in your filesystem and tell yast to add this repo to the list. Install from there.

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