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Thread: Can't install ANY software, urgent!

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    Default Can't install ANY software, urgent!

    Hey all-
    I'm having problems getting any software at all to install. I'm working off a relatively new install of 11.1, and whenever I need a new piece of software, it tells me "use sudo zypper install <program name>". Whenever I do this, though, it downloads the repositories and then gives me this error:

    Failed to mount cd:///?devices=/dev/sr0 on /var/adm/mount/AP_0x00000001: No medium found (mount: No medium found on /dev/sr0).

    I'm working off of a virtual machine using VMWare. I'm trying to get cmake right now. I went to YaST's online update and when I tried to get it through there it wanted me to put in an openSUSE cd that I don't have since this was an image install.

    Please help!

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    Default Re: Can't install ANY software, urgent!

    Hi. You can disable your DVD in Yast → Software → Repositories, or with zypper. The online repositories oss and non-oss have to be enabled and then you'll get everything from the internet. Good luck!

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    as supertimorplusfort said you still have the DVD as a repository.

    go to yast, software, software repositories.

    select the DVD there and uncheck the enable box at the bottom or delete it fully.

    see what you have left, then go to add, select community repositories, next.

    then check the once you want to add, I would recommend myself:

    Main Repository (NON-OSS)
    Main Repository (OSS)
    Main Update Repository

    Packman Repository
    OpenSUSE BuildService - Wine CVS builds

    These last 2 are not needed but I find them handy, especially Packman

    Press OK

    your back at the main screen, make sure for all the Repositories yo have Enabled and Automatically Refresh (99) checked.

    Press Finish and it should ask you about the security keys, accept them and your ready to go.

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