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Thread: SE11 for DMZ installation - How to harden

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    Question SE11 for DMZ installation - How to harden

    Dear All,

    I have to install OpenSuse on an HP Blade for use in a DMZ. I would like to know,

    i) is there a base install that I can select?(the equiv on Solaris would be Core or Reduced Network Support or End User)

    ii) Is there an article detailing the process of hardening a SUSE box for use in a DMZ?


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    Default Re: SE11 for DMZ installation - How to harden

    I don't know, but I can recommend some reading for you:
    Securing Linux, Part 3: Hardening the system
    Hardening Linux Systems | Linux Magazine (need to have an account)
    and, particularly this :: Hardening your systems with Bastille Linux as it covers bastille

    and, more to the point, what happens in the DMZ is a strong function of what firewalls allow into that zone, so you need to see all of this in context what your networking/firewalling allows to hit your box

    (Also consider
    Linux server security - Google Book Search - the book itself is by Mick Bauer and so, inevitably, is worth reading, but whether the 'google books' version is worthwhile is another matter entirely - if you are doing this professionally, buy the book!)
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