Each time a Linux executable named "increment" is called from my web page the the error log records this error:
[error] [client IP address] Premature end of script headers: increment
The executable is not a script. It's a compiled executable. What it does is open a text file that contains an integer number, increase the integer by one and save the text file (yes, it's a "hit" counter). So it's not meant to send any information back to the originating web page.

More background:

The executable (called "increment") is located at /path_to/increment where /path_to/ is relative to the document root. It is called/triggered by this line in the web page:
<!--#exec cgi="/path_to/increment" -->
Execution is allowed by this line in an .htaccess file in the directory /path_to/:
options +ExecCGI
The counter executes properly, faithfully recording the page hits.

What bothers me are the tens of thousands of error messages. Obviously I'm mis-using the ExecCGI thingy/mechanism somehow.

What should I do to turn off the error messages?