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Thread: I really need your help!

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    Exclamation I really need your help!

    Hi. I am Khalid Mushtaq. I am quite new to linux. I have installed Suse11.1 on my machine. It's installed fine.
    I use proxy server to connect to the internet. The problem I am facing is I cannot build any repository, I have tried a lot of help from the forums but all in vain. The Suse Repository is also not accessible when I insert the Suse11.1 DVD and I cannot play multimedia files. So please help me because I want to use linux and please define each step in detail as you can. Thanks.

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    You probably need to configure your proxy first before you can access the repositories.

    Start Yast, enter the root password and go to "Network Services". There click on Proxy and enter the correct addresses.

    This way, most application will use the correct proxy settings by default.

    Do you have any other problems with the internet (eg. you can't surf at all) ?

    Concerning the multimedia files, which files do you mean ?
    If mp3's are the problem, openSuse (and many other distro's) don't bundel the fluendo mp3 plug-in by default, so you'll have to install that yourself (using the package manager).

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    For multimedia:
    Just install VLC player from vediolan and packman repos in yast2->software management, it will install all the defined formats for you to play audio and video. even DVD too.
    Add these repos:
    1- Index of /pub/vlc/SuSE/11.1/

    For proxy:
    As mentioned above, try that steps and let us know.
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